Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Review: 76014 LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Trike VS Electro

Wow hello all!

It's been a long time since my last post.  All that real world stuff caught up with me in big way.

So to ease myself back into this blog writing thing I'll start with a small set: 76014  LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Trike VS Electro.

The Box:

Pretty standard and comes with the Ultimate Spider-Man logo

The instructions:

Pretty standard stuff with the front of the manual being a copy of the exterior box art.

And then inside it's the usual Lego instructions

The Minifigs:

The set comes with Spider-man and the one of the villains in Amazing Spider-man 2, Electro!

Electro comes with some nifty accessories to represent electric bolts coming out of his hands.

This is the same piece that was used to demonstrate Flash's speedlines.

And here we have a stock Spider-man that doesn't come with his usual web line accessory.  I guess they decided that a spider-trike with two missiles was enough for Spidey in this set.

Hey buddy do I look like Jamie Foxx?

And more of those electric discharges for Electro.  And he swiped a green gem to boot!

The Spider-Trike:

Whoops I almost forgot to mention, although I bought this set I decided to give it to my girlfriend's nephew AJ as a birthday gift.  So it was AJ who did all the building for this one.  The set of course was acquired through the help of my friend Kathryn.

Here's a highlight brick, a modified 2x2 slope with the spider symbol.  I wished it was printed though and not just a sticker.  But it does look good!

When AJ finished the top part of the Trike we both looked at it like it was a jetski.

Here's the completed trike.  Two flick missiles complete the weapons array for this Spider vehicle.

And here's a shot of the trike without Spidey.

The jetski attaches to the lift arm that's strangely in two colors.   Before it was built I thought the back wheels would be angled up a bit but apparently they were on the same level as the front wheels.

Here's Spidey responding to a crime!

In conclusion:

Not a bad small set.  The actual retail price for this set is around 1,388 pesos at local Lego retailers.  I got it for far less than that.

The pieces in red and blue offer a nice selection for other builds like jets and battle armor that will be done in Spider-Man colors.

The minifig of Electro was nice except sometimes he reminds us of the X-Men's Iceman.

The wheels are also awesome for your MOCs.

So yeah it's good to be back!  Please do come back for my new series on how to build some MOCs :)