Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: 6873 Spider-Man's Doc Ock Ambush

One of my favorite Lego themes are the superheroes sets.  I've always been a fan of DC and Marvel comics starting way back when I was 5 and my parents bought me a couple of issues of Green Lantern.  A friend offered this box with a good price and I couldn't say no.

So the name of the set is Spider-man's Doc Ock Ambush which looks to me like Webhead trying to either rescue Iron Fist or he himself gets trapped by Dr. Octopus.

The Minifigs:

Let's look at the heroes first.  We get Spider-Man of course with his usual Lego web line.  And the fig I like from this set: Iron Fist!  Danny Rand has always been one of those B-list heroes that I've always liked.

So here's Spidey:

And here's Iron Fist.

This is pretty timely since Peter Parker is back at being Spider-Man.  And Iron Fist is getting some love from Marvel with his own series running right now

And here's the villain of our story: Doctor Octopus.  For people who follow the comics Ock spent the past year being Spider-man in a twisted revenge against our favorite webhead.  In the end Ock became somewhat of a hero, managed to save New York city and die in the process.

The minifig Doc Ock has the pin connector as an attachment for four grappling arms.  He mostly needs a stand otherwise the sheer weight of the arms makes the fig unstable to stand up by itself.

But you can establish awesome shots with Ock's arms as shown below:


Here I managed to get Ock to stand up by using the two lower arms like a tripod.

The Build:

Ok for some strange reason I seem to have misplaced my pictures showing the structures in mid build.  So I only have pictures of the structures after building.  The lab is split up into 3 major sections.  Shown below are two of those sections.  The main computer and lab table as well as the vent section.

Aside from the lab itself we have a vehicle which Ock can ride on.

Here's the vent section:

Here's Ock with his weird buggy.  Oh and look at that he even has his own Doc Ock logo!

The third section of the lab is a containment facility that can fit one minifig.

You can set-up stories where both our intrepid heroes are trapped by Doc Ock for further experimentation!

Iron Fist is trapped in the containment unit.

Ock about to experiment with Spidey!

Here's one way to make Ock stand using his arms.

The lab table!

And here's our final picture.  Doc Ock triumphant!

In conclusion:
The set was a simple straight forward build.  There weren't that many gimmicks involved but there were a lot of parts that can be useful for other future builds.  The air vent for one has a turbine piece that can be used for spaceships and robots.  The containment unit has a cockpit like transparent buble and OCk's arms can be repurposed for future robots.

The vehicle's wheels are great and the nice computer screens are good pieces.

The figs of course are outstanding and buying this set let's you get Spidey with one his most iconic villains. This is also the only set so far where you get Iron Fist.

Until next time.  Leg Godt!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

MOCs: Atlantean Royal Metal Works Solo Suppression Craft SSC-001x "Hammerhead"

(This continues my on-going series of posts on my own Lego creations (or MOCs for short))

When the Lego DC Superheroes Aquaman minifig came out in the LEGO Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze: Aquaman on Ice Set #76000 I knew I wanted one.

I've always liked Aquaman and felt he was underappreciated as a member of the Justice League of America.

What does he have to do with this MOC.  Well nothing at the start.  I had a box of parts staring at me and I decided to build a one man craft.  And then I put Aquaman in as the pilot and the story started to write itself.  The single man craft would be an underwater speeder for the king of Atlantis.

Time to serve some Fish Fry!

Build #1

The Jet speeder

So I started out with this one.  I think I had GI Joe on my mind and this was similar to a Joe vehicle I vaguely remember.

The underside of the build shows the "lifter" units (The red bricks).

The side view showing the profile of the vehicle.  The landing skids can actually be folded.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures of the folded skids

Build #2

First the write up I did for this second build:

"Atlantean Royal Metal Works Solo Suppression Craft SSC-001x "Hammerhead"
Arthur Curry, king of Atlantis, commissioned the ARMW to come up with a single person craft capable of doing policing duties in the fringes of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis.

The result of that request was the creation of the Hammerhead. A single seater underwater speeder, it has dual weapons hard points that enable ARMW to mount a flexible array of weapons load outs.
It has since been distributed in large numbers to help out in the anti-rebel efforts of Arthur Curry.
some rich Atlanteans have requested their own personal Hammerheads without the weapons hard points."

So the second build looks like a more fully formed vehicle if you ask me.

It now comes complete with small wings on the side that can change their angle as well as a weapons hardpoint in front.

Here's a front view of Aquaman with his new ride

Looks decent enough.  I wish I had the bricks I used here in other colors.  I really want tos see this in an all read version.  Or all black.

What do you guys think?