Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: Racing Championship - Wange model no 040917

I knew I had done this post before but can't seem to find it for some reason.

I also lost the original shots I made when building this.

The set was a commission from the officemate of my girlfriend.  She had bought a Wange Formula Race set and then after opening decide that she doesn't have the patience to build the whole thing.  So I ended up building it.

Well on to the set!

Here's a top view of the Champion's platform!

I had a tough time with this since the instructions were off by about two pegs.  I had to do adjustments to fit the platform on to the supporting structures at the bottom.

Still turned out well.  Minus points to Wange for the confusing instructions and the wrong brick length for the portions you see below.  Again off by 2 pegs.

This is the first time I've encountered a brick set that had the wrong length.  Very strange indeed

Here's a view of the finish line!

So from this picture you can see the three major structures included in the set:  The crew pit on the left,  The finish line and the Champion's podium on the left.

In the middle of course is the Formula race car with the pull back motor.  The car looks very sweet from here.

The podium.

Sweet since it has the weird laser looking spotlight on top! I found it ingenious to use the alternating black and white bricks to form the checkered background.

Another complaint I have with this set.  The minifigs totaled about 3 race drivers.  But the box and instructions also showed a reporter and one pit crew.  Apparently there were only 3 minifigs.  Again its the first time I've had a problem with a set like this

Another view of the podium.  Very nice!  Notice that the foreground support beam (the white brick beneath the platform) is set about two pegs back.  This was what I was mentioning earlier about the instructions being wrong or the supplied bricks being wrong.  That white support strut is supposed to be two pegs forward.  I adjusted it backwards because the red platform bricks were short by 2 pegs.

A better view of the whole set.  Not bad looking at all!

The Crew Pit:

Finishing the race

From behind the podium:


Overall not a bad set.  Just two major complaints: 1.  The red platform plates were lacking 2 pegs in length. 2. The minifig count was less than expected.

But it was nice to look at when done.  And the Race car has a pull back motor!  Awesome.