Monday, January 18, 2016

MOC: Mixing Mixels Klinkers Jinky (41537) and Kamzo (41538)

Some short intro...

When I first saw Mixels come out I had a gleam in my eye.  The Mixels represented something similar to the Chima Legend Beasts in my Moccer's Heart.  They were a good source of parts that you can get in a particular range of colors.

I've gone through boxes of the Legend Beasts particularly the White Wolf and the Gorilla.  They provided me with a good source of parts especially for robot joints and greebling.

Mixels are no different albeit they provide smaller doses of parts. 

One of my favorite mixels to come out are the Klinkers from Series 5.  The Klinkers come out of the box with steampunk colors so they definitely fit into a lot of the themes that I build up.

For parts of 2015 I was away in Laguna stuck only with the parts from Jinky (#41537) and Kamzo (#41538).

The Mocs...

This was the latest result of mixing up the parts from Jinky and Kamzo:

This was purely from parts of the two Mixels.  There were still a few bricks left over but I'll just probably make another piece in  a few weeks :)

From a previous weekend here was the output:

This one had a few extra its added to it particularly the tale piece on the head of the bot as well as the slopes on the feet.

Some final words...

If you've ever wanted to MOC but were afraid to try or thought that you don't have enough brick this is one of my biggest tips:  Go get a set and see what you can build that's not in the instructions booklet!

When I was younger the Lego boxes always had pictures of alternate builds.  Too bad they stopped doing it.

So which of the two MOCs did you like better?

Until next time!  Leg Godt!