Friday, June 14, 2013

My love affair with Lego

I have always loved Lego.  As a 3 year old way back in1978 my parents gave me my first Lego set.  It was a police car and it had a policeman minifigure that you had to attach a sticker to.  It was meant to be a set for a 5 year old but I remember fondly that I gamely went ahead and built it.

And thus began my lifelong love affair with this toy that can be any toy.  My parents would indulge my love for Lego by rewarding me with the brick toys for school work done well or as gifts during special occasions.  I would look forward to mom's business trips to Hong Kong because that would mean a new box of Lego for me.

Fast forward to 2013.  For a few years I was detached from Lego in pursuit of other things.  But I never completely forgot the brick toys as occasional sales at Walmart and Toys R Us would see me buy small sets.  Lego had encountered a few problems of its own and was now back as the world's premier brick building toy.  It was also partnered with famous properties like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Strangely its patent on the brick manufacturing process had expired.  Manufacturers from other countries were now free to create factories of their own to produce acceptable facsimiles of Lego.  The "fake" Lego toys came in all shapes and sizes and would also range in quality from near Lego quality to almost crap pieces of plastic.

And so we come to this blog and its whole point for being.  I want to share with the world my experiences with Lego as well as with other brick toys out there.  I want to provide people with options to indulge their brick building hobbies.  Lego is still the best but not everyone can afford their sets.  there are good options out there and I hope people find those options through this blog.

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