Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: BeCool Ninja Turtles

Although we get a wide selection of Lego products in the Philippines sometimes we get some of the stuff late.  Minifigure Series 10 for example has still not reached the shores of our islands.  Same is true with the Lego Ninja Turtle collaboration.

When I was a kid I loved TMNT and now they have Lego models.  I want them!  Unfortunately they are not available here yet.  So imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw this at a hobby shop in Makati:

Whoa!  Knock off turtles!
I quickly asked the salesgirl how much each one was and she said it was Php65 pesos or about US $1.25.  I decided to try it out and bought fake Raphael and fake Michaelangelo.  The shop had all four turtles plus Shredder and Master Splinter.

Upon opening Michaelangelo's box this was inside:

Pretty much feels like the real Lego turtles!
Not readily apparent was Mikey's troll face expression
The colors were good and in the proper light actually looked like the real thing.  Holding the plastics in your finger was a different story though as a few rough edges can be felt.  the nunchaku sticks also did not fit that well into the chains that supposedly held them together.

Pizza sticker!
There yah go!  Mikey's troll face!

Cowabunga dude!  Stickers applied!
So despite that little snag with the chain thing the model itself was about as close as we here in the PH can get to for now as far as TMNT in brick form is concerned.  It wasn't a bad deal for 65 pesos per box

Well she was happy building those little dudes.

yeah pizza!

And skateboards! 
Dude you should get your nunchakus fixed!
I'm practicing my troll face Raph!
So just maybe I might get the rest of TMNT. :)