Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: The Batmobile (Lego kit 30161)

I was browsing through one of those toy sales in Manila when I chanced upon this beauty.  Even though they asked for 600 pesos for the model (About US$14) for it I couldn't resist and ponied up my money.  I mean its Batman's batmobile with flaming wings at the back!

Oh man its a little Batmobile!

So as usual I had my girlfriend quickly build up the kit:

Woohoo flaming Batmobile!
Beware the Bat criminals!
Nice silver accents on the wheels!

Nice wheels Batman!

Those flames!

Those flames again!

Holy flaming cars Batman!

Overall it's a nice kit especially if you are a Batman fan and must absolutely have all of the Batman related merch.  I think I did overpay for it at US$14 (600 pesos).  My girlfriend did enjoy building it.