Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: Star Diamond Blocks Soldier Deformation: 5-in-1 Robot set PART FIVE

This picks up from:
Part one: The Big Box of Robots!
Part two: The Cliffjumper clone!
Part three: The Hound look alike!
Part four: Prowl's lost brother!

It's time for the 4th robot from that big box:

Mirage was one of my favorite transformers, with his blue and white colors and the sleek F1 racer vehicle form.  He could also go invisible and to me as a young kid felt like one of the coolest autobots on the planet.

This is a stock or promotional photograph of a Generation 1 toy, © Hasbro, TakaraTomy, or both unless otherwise noted.

If you've been following this blog closely you know that I don't have a fondness for the official brick toys versions of the Transformers that come from Hasbro's Kre-O line.  My biggest complaint is that to transform you have to disassemble the robot and rebuild into it's vehicle form.  So much for transforming.

This is a stock or promotional photograph of a Kre-O Transformer toy, © Hasbro unless otherwise noted.

As far as copying the G1 colors well it fails in that aspect as well.  Personally the plastic quality on the Kre-O toys feel more like China brick toys more than Lego.

So as part of that huge box I got from Star Diamond with those 5 Kre-O like robots comes a Mirage like kit:

Okay this time I didn't build the kit since my girlfriend, Apple, wanted to assemble at least one of the bots.

We get the same amount of bricks similar to previous kits in this set.  Plus the brick remover tool as well as two sets of instructions for both the solo both and the combined form with another set.

The build is similar in lines to the Hasbro Kre-O transformers lines and the joints are as tight as Lego Hero Factory joints.
Upper torso with head complete!

Legs complete!

I think I need a cup of coffee or two

And the finished bot:

With the Sluban Land Forces 2 Radar set

Action pose!


No harm shall come to you!

I'll protect you human!

A big Yay to GFs who also like to build brick toys!

Thanks hon for building this one!