Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Star Diamond Blocks Soldier Deformation: 5-in-1 Robot set PART FOUR

This picks up from:
Part one: The Big Box of Robots!
Part two: The Cliffjumper clone!
Part three: The Hound look alike!

3  more robots to go!  And my girlfriend insists on building at least one of the beasts!  Woot!

After 3 articles in the series I'll dispense with most of the fluff and go straight to the Bot.

Moves like a Prowl.

This mecha is a police car in vehicle form and reminds me so much of the Autobot named Prowl.

The package is similar to his other brothers and again comes with a brick removal tool.

The instructions sheet is glossy and readable similar to a Lego instruction manual.

Here's the nice assortment of white and black bricks

Time to visit our fellow robot!  My Lego minifig retro robots checking out the scene

The legs offer the sturdy construction and tight joints that we've come to expect from Star Diamond.  This joint tightness is something that we only used to get with Lego.

The body of the Prowl-bot is less stockier than the Hound clone's was.

The gun and the shield.

The gun is smaller than the previous bots.


Time for some poses!

Yep look at how that head strongly resembles the Autobot Prowl.

Nice strong profile!

To serve and protect!

Do you see my gun?

To battle!

Battle Brothers!

Two more bots and I am done with their basic forms!

Til next bot!