Tuesday, October 8, 2013

WIP: Some cool sets I recently picked up! Thanks to Kendrick Chan's sojourn to Divisoria!

Will you look at these!

I got a ton of brick toys because my friend Kendrick Chan shopped around in the cheapest shopping district in Manila - Divisoria!

For those who need to know where to get their fix here are my old blog entries regarding place to shop at and brands to look for: Where to get brick toys!  and Brick Toy Brands to Watch Out For!

Divisoria is sweet brick heaven if you are looking for the best in China-sourced brick toys!  

For the price of one big Marvel lego set (around 5,000 pesos) you could get a lot (and I mean a lot) of China brick sets from top manufacturers like Star Diamond and Enlighten.

So let's see my haul:

1.)  Star Diamond Super blocks deformation 6-in-1 robots

This box cost me all of 2,000 pesos.  Yep go read that again - 2,000 pesos.  The huge box comes with 6 medium sized robots (about the size of a 1/144 fully built Gundam HG kit).   That's about 333.33 pesos per bot. That in itself already makes the kit worth it (since a single kreo of smaller size comes out to 600 pesos).  

But wait there's more!  

Each robot also has a vehicle mode similar to Kre-O.  You have to disassemble the robot form and rebuild it to form the vehicle mode.  Now if you know me you also know that I hate Kre-O.  Why?  Because they make OFFICIAL Transformers brick sets that DON'T TRANSFORM!  Why even bother calling them transformers???

In this Star Diamond set I don't mind it at all since the robots look cool and they didn't exactly label themselves as Transformers!

And even more!

The medium size robots can pair up to form a much bigger robot!  So my 6 robots become 3 bigger robots!  3 bigger robots!  3 more cool robots!  Just Awesome!

And even more!

The piece de resistance is the final form of this kit!  All 6 bots can be disassembled and reforemed into one big robot!  Think Constructicons!  Think Aerialbots!  Think Bruticus!  

Yessir the set comes with instructions to build everything into one beast of a robot!

AWESOME doesn't begin to describe the contents of this box!

Times like this I wish I had no work so I can proceed to actually building this monster of a box!

In the next few weeks I'll slowly do reviews of each bot and then proceed to combine them until
I eventually get to the big robot at the end!

2.) Star Diamond 20-in-1 boxed set

This boxed set costs 450 pesos.   It contains 20 boxes of what you might call micro build sets in Lego.  What's awesome is that its a sci-fi themed box and most of the kits have robot forms.  All 20 boxes in the set form one micro vehicle and most of them have a second build in robot form!  I got this box as a gift for my girlfriend's nephews who are both star pupils.

I'd bet they would love this set!  It's taking all my willpower not to open the box and build em myself.

More robots!  More brick toys!

Yep.  Boys will definitely go crazy over cars and robots and planes.

Nice sci-fi themed vehicles!

Armour warriors indeed!
Yes.  Robots!

Oh.  My.  Each box actually has THREE forms!

Its like a mini-Lego Creator set!

Battroid! Gerwalk! Valkyrie!

3.) DeCool Hawkeye

For 35 pesos you can get DeCool minifigs that are knock-offs of the Lego superheroes minifigs.  That's the part that's not cool of course since LEgo and Marvel actually own the rights to making Marvel brick toys.

Kendrick gave me one to try out and it actually looks and feels like the Lego version of Hawkeye!

Looking good in those shades Hawkeye!

So thanks KC for these boxes!

It cost me all of 2450 pesos for all of these!

Wait for my reviews of the big box on top!