Friday, March 20, 2015

Event: Philippine Lego User Group (PhLUG) March 2015 Brick-Fast Meet!

Another month, another regularly scheduled monthly meet for the Philippine Lego User Group (PhLUG).  So let's get to the festivities shall we? :)

Me and hon Apple :)

The Lego Oscar Statuette was there.  Recreated by Stan "Manila Brick" Lao.  It was there to welcome everyone attending Brickfast and most folks couldn't resist getting their pictures taken with the little statuette.
Lego Oscar says Hi!

As with each Brickfast there are three main activities:  The buy-and-sell of Lego items, The display from various subinterest groups and the state-of-the-LUG speech by our very own Lego Ambassador Randy "Citizen Piper" Protacio.

So let's take a look first at the awesome MOCs created by the various subgroups of PhLUG:

PhLUG Garage: Trucks and Bikes

Garage is the subinterest groups for MOCcers who like building models of cars, trucks, bikes and other motor vehicles.  I am one of the admins for the Garage and under the passionate guidance of Eric Teo it has produced many MOCs from crazy gearheads. Jeff Tagle completes the trio of crazy admins and is the person who came up with the Garage concept in the first place.

For this meet our them was #trucks and #roadwild which was MOCs of bikes.
Phlug Garage Road Wild!

Amazing truck MOCs

Awesome military style truck by Irwin "Icy" Cruel

A few bike MOCs from the prolific Billy Lee


Team PMS: Fairytales, Fantasy and Fiction display

 Team PMS is PhLUG's resident all-female build team.  And yes sir they make awesome mocs.  For this meet-up they made displays following the theme of fairytales fantasy and fiction.

Well this wasn't Team PMS but it was Richard Cunanan's humble contribution to the theme
Maleficent by Louise Anne Mariano

"P" monogram by Louise Anne Mariano

Hansel and Gretel by Chestnut Pascual

Frog Prince by Kathryn Ang

Snow White awoken by her sweet Prince by Inez Vasquez

Tortoise and the Hare by Nikki Orial

And this was made by a 9 year old or so I was told... (feel free to correct me folks)

PhLUG Force Legion: Pod Race!

PhLUG Force Legion are PhLUG's resident Starwars fans.  They do all sorts of MOCs based on the Star Wars universe.  Gungans are pretty much tolerated.

Output of the Force Legion flashmoc!

Notice that Joker has his own pod racer in the back!

PhLUG Starfleet: Space Station

Space is the final frontier and its a frontier that Starfleet likes to be in.  They are the resident space moccers of Phlug, loving all stuff Blacktron and Benny.

Too much to drink?

In space no once can hear you party.

Make your own space minifig!

Blacktron inspired MOCs

Space rover mocs


More Spaceships!

Add caption

Awesome powercore done by Scifi buff Tommy Lim.

Now this is a rover!

PhLUG MOC (Mecha Only Creations): MFZ and other Mecha

MOC as their name implies deals with mecha MOCs.   Ranging in size from Mobile Force Zero mini mechs to mechs of grand scale, you can rely on PhLUG MOC for all your mecha needs.

The orange tinged mecha were made by ME! :)

Green Dragon by awesome KFOL Daivik!
Green Dragon in all its awesomeness

PhLUG Minifigs Collectors: Elves and Trolls

Minifig collectors like to emphasize the huge amount of minifigs they have.  They dabble in MOCs that are centered around their prized minifigs.  For this brickfast they brought out their elven and troll armies from LOTR.

Open the gates you elves!

The dragon is facing the wrong way!

PhLUG Castle:

Castle is a group of builders who love building castles and medieval themed MOCs. Here are some of their awesome creations.

The kid might be thinking of building his own castle!

Sentry duty!

Great moc of foliage and water by Tina Mallari

And other stuff:

Here are some other scenes from the brickfast:

PhLUG's ambassador Randy  "Citizen Piper" Protacio (in green) with announcements
Beside him is Josiah Samaniego, PhLUG's exhibits director.

Members of the PhLUG Garage SIG.  


Giveaways at the brickfast.

So that ends another great meet-up.  Apologies if I left out some displays as these are all the pictures I took that day.

Next stop: Brickxhibit in April. 

Leg Godt!