Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review: Lego 30012 Microlight

Nice little polybag.  You are mine!

Review: Lego 30012 Microlight

Hello there friends!  Hope you all are still there!  It's been a long long time since my last post as life and work had me buried away in some small little hamlet.  I wasn't able to do much Lego stuff the past few months.  So I'll ease myself back into Lego and into my blog with a review of the Microlight polybag.

This little set came free in a couple of promotions in the UK and the US.  It can also be bought for $3.99 in certain US outlets.  I got mine for about 300 pesos if I remember correctly.

If I haven't mentioned it yet I love planes and mostly anything that can fly.  So I have this bias towards kits that feature flying machines.  And this was a nice cheap one.

Opening the bag:

 The kit itself contains 34 pieces that includes a nice little minifig and some really awesome parts assortments.  Well the type of parts that I prefer anyway with wings, a properller and a couple of slopes that goes well in builds for cars, ships or robots.

A good 34 piece assortment!

Building the kit:

Let us start of with the minifig.  Our pilot below has a nice aviator shades on and a cool shirt.  The standard Lego helmet with a visor that can open is nice too.  I really dig the minifig pilot here except for the expression on the guy's face.  Smile a little buddy!

I will smile once my plane is running again!
The Microlight:

What is a microlight anyway?

Here's a real one:
Photo courtesy of www.microlight.me.uk
And here's the definition from Wikipedia:

Ultralight aviation (called microlight aviation in some countries) is the flying of lightweight, 1 or 2 seat fixed-wing aircraft. Some countries differentiate between weight shift and 3-axis aircraft, calling the former "microlight" and the latter "ultralight".

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, mostly stimulated by the hang gliding movement, many people sought affordable powered flight. As a result, many aviation authorities set up definitions of lightweight, slow-flying aeroplanes that could be subject to minimum regulations. The resulting aeroplanes are commonly called "ultralight aircraft" or "microlights", although the weight and speed limits differ from country to country.

 So now we have that out of the way let's give our little buddy his flying machine:

It's not a complicated build at all and it does have a lot of nice brick pieces in the set.  That includes the slopes and the SNOT pieces (once again Studs-not-on-top, bricks that let you change the direction of your builds) .

Our little buddy is getting a wee bit excited as his microlight is starting to shape up.

And here we have the completed Microlight!

Not a bad looking model if I do say so myself.

And here are the extra bricks that came with the pack.  Nice an extra visor!

And here are some other pictures of the completed kit.  Please do not mind the banana in the background.

That propeller is nice!  Useful for other builds!

I really enjoyed putting this small kit together.  Hopefully I can get more time to Lego in the next few months.

Hope you guys enjoyed this!

Til next time!  Leg Godt!