Sunday, February 7, 2016

MOC: LFA-00X Azul "Patches" Mecha

As I write this it's currently Chinese New Year!

And one way to usher in the new Lunar year is to post my first major MOC for 2016:  The LFA-00X Azul, unit designate "Patches".

Azul was a name given by my girlfriend because of the mostly blue toned bricks in the build.  Patches is the nickname for the unit given by the pilot in the back story.

Patches is my first major MOC for 2016 and also my first serious mecha in a long  time.

The inner frame design was mostly inspire by this page:

Here's LFA-00X Azul:

Some details about the build:
This also marks my re-use of T-bars for my joints as recently I've preferred the easier mixel joints for constructing my robots.

 Here are more shots of Patches:

I do hope you all enjoyed this build!

Until next time Leg Godt!