Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: Lego 30166 Robin and Redbird Cycle Polybag Set

So going through the booths in the PhLUG meet up netted me this:

Yep couldn't resist.  I plunked down 650 pesos for this polybag.

Went back and forth a couple of times before finally deciding to cop it.  I mean I have a couple of Batman sets already why not add Robin to the mix!

Open it up!


The Robin minifig comes with two facial expressions!  Nice!  With the mostly red coloring it reminds me of Tim Drake's Robin.

Ahhh I've fallen and I can't get up!

Building Redbird:

Batman's gonna kill me!

Oh no!  I have to fix this before Batman gets back!

Finishing up:

One sweet looking Redrobin cycle!  And the Robin minifig is not bad too!  This will look really good beside Batman!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review: Lego Spring Polybag 40052

Ah Spring!

Birds chirping!  Flowers blooming!  Love rampant in the air!

And this awesome Lego polybag captures a picturesque Spring scene complete with white picket fences, a water fountaing and a tree with lots of blooms!

I have a to thank my friend Kathryn Ang for this very generous gift.

And as soon as my girlfriend Apple saw the polybag she of course wanted to be the one to build it.  So I became the official photographer of the Lego Spring polybag unboxing and construction.

The polybag:

Opening the bag: 

Nice assortment of colors here!

the cherry like fruits are awesome

The Minifigs! 

What a cute pair!

Let's build this! 

Honey in deep concentration!

In recent years Lego sets have somewhat come up with a standard way of building trees.  I like this tree building style and usually get sets that feature it.

That tree is coming along nicely!


Oh George our own tree!

One of my favorite pieces now the green tree part!

Did I say I like this awesome tree!

Complete with its own white picket fence!

We have a guest in the house: General Han Solo!

Finally that General guy left!

Hmmm the general is back hon?!

Apple is thoroughly this!


Wow this Spring set is really awesome!

Han playing a little hide and seek!

Hon approves!

A little spring romance!  And in the background Kenny! er Han Solo! hahah

Love is in the Spring Air!

Thanks again Kathryn Ang for such an awesome Lego polybag!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Event: Philippine Lego User Group (PhLUG) End of Year Brick-Fast Meet!

PhLUG is:

The venue to share the joy and passion of everything that is "purely" LEGO. This is the place for AFOLS in the Philippines to discuss the hobby, and build a growing community of of Lego enthusiasts in the country.

One of the long term goals of the group is to one day start an annual LUG exhibit where we will showcase the hobby on a much bigger scale than just being part of toycon.

As written on their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/philiipineLEGOusersgroup/

So I was recently invited to this group and was lucky enough to be able to join their last meeting of the year!  AWESOME!

Saturday (Dec. 7) was a full day for me and I was actually having second thoughts about going to an 8am meet-up.  I knew I was going to join my girlfriend and her family to buy her nephews stuff for Christmas over at Bonifacio Global City.  The PhLUG meet was on the other side of C5 at Jolibee in Green Meadows.  So the night before I was still half decided.  My trusty alarm clock of course went off at 6:30am on Saturday and so I decided to go to my FIRST PhLUG meet-up.  At the very least I'd be able to get:

Yes that's a SWEET SWEET PhLUG minifig! :)


Since I was running late I decided to just cab it to Green Meadows.  I got there at around 8:30am and thought that there was no event since Jollibee's ground floor looked just like any other Jollibee on any morning.  Ah of course!  Second floor function room!

And I was greeted by this awesome sight:

Lots of people and lots of Lego!

I immediately went to the registration table (which I forgot to take a picture of) and paid the Php 300 fee.  That got me a name tag and a slot in the raffle (more on the raffle later).  Since I knew I was going to leave early to make it to BGC I was hardly thinking about the raffle.  But the nice guy at the reg table (I think it was Carlo Abon, sorry Carlo my brain is bad with names and faces),  mentioned that even if you weren't there during the raffle you still had a chance to win.  I thanked him and said "It's fine I don't win in raffles anyway."

So off I went to explore the place.

First order of business was to get the PhLUG minifig.  Php 500.  Not bad at all!

With that out of the way I mentally made a note to limit myself to a Php 2000 budget for Lego.  Real world considerations was coming into play.  :)

So around I went:


Awesome builds!  I got inspired to do some stuff later on my own.

Sellers and buyers:

When I move in I want this in my kitchen!

My own loot:

I got 100 pesos worth of loose bricks as seen in the ziplock bags above

AJ's Christmas gift!

BJ's Christmas gift!

Frodo's Kitchen!  I Always wanted one!

Php 100 worth of loose bricks!

Robin for my Batman sets!

Hoth Han Solo's ride!  Finally! Php 500

Finally found a loose Tauntaun!  This goes perfect with Hoth Han Solo!

This was free item I got after buying at least 500 pesos worth of Lego

So while waiting for my girlfriend Apple I was able to play around with the loose bricks and Mr. PhLUG:

The people:

The best part of course was meeting new people who are rabidly in love with Lego.  I've been in a lot of hobbies and meets for other toys but Lego folks seem genuinely pleasant.  Even the sellers there felt like they were really into Lego and not just there to make a buck.

So much Lego love!


Even the sellers were all smiles!

My selfie! ahaha!


I am very very happy with the outcome of my first meet!  I am sure to find time for the next one when it comes up!  And Lego hobbiest must be the most pleasant people on earth as the PhLUG meet was just one long smile fest.  Oh I wasn't able to keep within my 2K restriction as I spent about 2,840 pesos on Lego toys:

PhLUG minifig: 500
Robin polybag:  650
Loose bricks:     100
Frodo's Kitchen:420
Miner polybag:  350
Police polybag:  320
Loose Tauntaun:500


Remember that raffle I didn't really pay attention to since I was leaving early?

Well last night (Dec. 9)  I got a call from Carlo Abon telling me that I won something!  AWESOME!  Thank you Carlo!!!!!!!!!!  AWESOME!

So I got to talking with Citizen Piper and the package will be shipped this Friday!

Thank you thank you Citizen Piper!

Thank you PhLUG for the awesome advanced Christmas gift!

What did I win well it was this (I think hahahah):

So yeah thanks all!  More Lego Love!