Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review: Lego Spring Polybag 40052

Ah Spring!

Birds chirping!  Flowers blooming!  Love rampant in the air!

And this awesome Lego polybag captures a picturesque Spring scene complete with white picket fences, a water fountaing and a tree with lots of blooms!

I have a to thank my friend Kathryn Ang for this very generous gift.

And as soon as my girlfriend Apple saw the polybag she of course wanted to be the one to build it.  So I became the official photographer of the Lego Spring polybag unboxing and construction.

The polybag:

Opening the bag: 

Nice assortment of colors here!

the cherry like fruits are awesome

The Minifigs! 

What a cute pair!

Let's build this! 

Honey in deep concentration!

In recent years Lego sets have somewhat come up with a standard way of building trees.  I like this tree building style and usually get sets that feature it.

That tree is coming along nicely!


Oh George our own tree!

One of my favorite pieces now the green tree part!

Did I say I like this awesome tree!

Complete with its own white picket fence!

We have a guest in the house: General Han Solo!

Finally that General guy left!

Hmmm the general is back hon?!

Apple is thoroughly this!


Wow this Spring set is really awesome!

Han playing a little hide and seek!

Hon approves!

A little spring romance!  And in the background Kenny! er Han Solo! hahah

Love is in the Spring Air!

Thanks again Kathryn Ang for such an awesome Lego polybag!