Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: Sluban Pirate Raft

So I got this  in 2013 as a gift from my brother Robert.  THANKS BRO!  The review has been sitting in the back burner for the longest time.

I've always considered Sluban as one of my preferred alternative brick brands to Lego.  They have a good line-up of themes and the bricks connect well for the most part to each other.

They have nice sets for space, castles and pirates!

The Box:
Nice little box with a pirate peeking on the side.  Or wait is that a viking?  I'm confused now. Hehe.

Well the raft does look good and that sail is big and printed well.  Inside the box we get 1 polybag of parts and the manual.

Here's the polybag made of really thick plastic.  The bricks have a nice color to them that is every evident even through the thick plastic bag.


Such shiny shiny silver weapons!  Decidedly looking more dangerous than Lego weapons (might be even cause injuries to younger kids who will be given this)

The mini-viking/pirate
He's supposed to be a pirate wearing a vest I think.  I like the facial expression and the gap toothed grin.  The helmet though throws me off and makes me think he's a viking.

Here's a closer look at his facial expression.

Building the raft
The bricks are somewhat more slippery to the feel than Lego bricks.  The clutch is almost near Lego in the sense that no pieces fall of.  Some of the bricks do exhibit resistance when putting them together.  The color is bright enough but not close to the Lego color palette.

There are stickers to represent the treasure in the chest.  I would have appreciated real brick gold pieces here.

Here is Viking-Pirate guy looking at his treasure chest.

The finished raft

The finished model does look cool after building.  It feels solid and the minifig looks good from afar.  The shiny weapons are a plus.

The good old skull and cross guns?

That silver gun and sword look awesome!

Yep so this kit wasn't so bad after all.  The building wasn't as smooth as a Lego kit of course and you can feel some rough edges on some of the bricks.

It was a great gift and for people on a tight budget its not a bad option at all.