Monday, May 12, 2014


So it was my 50th monthsary last May 4 and my awesome girlfriend added one more set to my collection of Chima Legend Beasts.

Free Lego is always awesome!

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This was one of the first sets I wanted but events conspired to make it one of the last I'm getting.  I only have the lion Legend Beast missing from my collection now.

From the Lego's official description:

The CHI waterfalls of Mount Cavora have run dry and the magical Legend Beasts must be unleashed to make them flow again. Power to the Outlands with Gorzan, jump onto the shoulders of the powerful Gorilla Legend Beast and escape. Swipe challengers out of the way with the CHI-powered Cudgellor hammer and mighty arms of the Gorilla Legend Beast. Includes Gorzan minifigure with a weapon and accessory.

The Box

This box has the fiercest representation of a Legend Beast (LB) in my opinion.  I've always wanted to get the Gorilla LB since a cursory look at it already tells you that the model can be modified easily to other robot-like builds.

Here's the back of the box, similar to other LB boxes.

  I will always say this about series one LB:  they are one of the best buys at the 699 pesos price point (Independent resellers might be able to offer it at 500 pesos).

What's inside

You get two polybags of parts, an instruction manual and a sticker sheet!

I was excited in getting parts that were in line for my future mecha MOCs (My Own Creation - custom built Lego models).

The sticker sheet provides highlights for shoulders and hands of the gorilla.

The manual is your standard Lego instruction book with a blurb at the back for other Chima sets making you want to buy more!

Below are the parts out of their polybags.

And here are the parts that I really like from this set.  Those menacing monkey eyes and the mouth can be used in other possible mecha builds.  The hammer piece may also find uses as engine parts in the future.  It goes without saying that the articulated hinges will most likely become arms of some other robots.

The Minifig

Like other Legend Beast boxes it comes with one Chima minifig.  We get Gorzan with this set.

Here's his official Lego write-up:

Gorillas tend to be super strong but also super mellow. This is even more true for Gorzan, one of the most sensitive creatures in all of CHIMA. He is incredibly powerful and can efficiently crush most enemies, but he will later anguish over “the poor flowers” he stepped on during the battle. Gorzan sometimes cares a little too much about the little things – he’d rather pick the nits out of your fur or offer you mellow advice than help you in battle. He is overly-sentimental and prone to staring wistfully at flowers. He sometimes feels another creature’s pain before they even realize they had any pain. He’s THAT sensitive. Be aware when greeting him – he gives everyone a big, loving, (and inadvertently painful) hug whenever he sees them. So wear some extra armor if you’re hanging out with him socially. Gorzan’s just a great guy – and a wildly-powerful fighter when his warrior instincts kick in – but he can sometimes be a little high maintenance.

Here's Gorzan fully kitted out with his Cudgellor hammer and an energy shield.

Building the Gorilla:

The build starts with the torso of the Gorilla.  Here's the back portion of the torso.  The jutting piece is where Gorzan will stand.

Here's the front view of the torso.

The head is composed of multiple pieces with the specialized tile with printed on eyes and the printed on face.

Here's a side view of the Gorilla's head:

Here's the face attached to the torso.  Look at that menacing Gorilla growl face.

The other major assembly is the pair of arms for the Gorilla.

And here's Gorzan astride the mighty Gorilla Legend Beast.

Gorzan crashes the party inside the LEgo Movie melting room!   Get the cops Emmet!  Run Wyldstyle!

That was an enjoyable build experience!


You know one of the best ways to my heart hon!  Thanks for the 3rd Legend Beast you've given me!  All of them were awesome surprises!

If you were limited to getting only one Legend Beast you won't do too badly if you picked the Gorilla.  It has awesome articulation and the parts can be used in a multitude of builds in the future.  Gorzan is not a bad looking minifig in his own right.

Sooner rather than later I will probably pick up the Lion Legend Beast to complete my collection.

Until next time!  Everything is awesome!