Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: Sluban Special Force Motorcycle

Time to review this bad boy.  Saw it at The Landmark.  I couldn't resist.

First off the price isn't too bad at Php 59.75 or a little over a US dollar.

It's part of the Sluban Special Forces series

Wanna ride my bike???

One polybag of goodness!
So it has one polybag of all the bricks.  The main body of the motorcycle seems to need some more paint though.

The instructions seem adequate enough.  Although some friends have complained they always feel lacking.

Ah there you go.  The bricks are ok.  I still think that the cycle body needs more color to it.  The gray is too plasticky for my eyes.

I have your Sci-Fi right here buddy!
The Sluban minifig feels weird to me because of their legs.  They are not the same as Lego legs but the rest of the fig is fine.  I like the facial expression.  And that techy looking helmet is something that I can see using for a lot of sci-fi themed displays.  Alas the legs just disappoint me.

Rubber Wheel!

The wheels are RUBBER!  Awesome.  I always gets sad when the china bricktoys come with plastic wheels.  This cycle has huge wheels and they are rubber!

Wheel comes with a plastic axle attachment nice.

Okay that took some work to get those things into the middle of the wheels.  Although made of rubber they might've been really cheap rubber because they almost wouldn't budge when I was pressing the middle parts in.  So after much effort my wheels are ready.

Strange plastic jutting from the inner frame of the cycle!
I had to remove two pieces of plastic that were protruding from the middle of each half of the cycle part.  I thought at first they were there for support but when I tried putting the two halves together the two plastic parts were too long.  So I cut both off. As seen above without them the cycle body would lock perfectly together.

The bike is done here.  The two halves need some work to fit together more seamlessly.  I'll work on that in the future but for now the motorcycle is finish.  It has a future cycle vibe going for it.

Nice ride officer!
Nice action shot!  But this was more a matter of the model itself not being able to stand straight up.  The wheel design is probably the main culprit for this as the motorcycle would fall to either side.

Office passing by the Ausini Farm series
Here is the cycle again listing to the right side.

Zooming along!

The long arm of the law!

Time to call it a night!

Overall not a bad model.  It could stand some improvements though.