Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Ausini Farm Series No. 28501

Yep me and my girlfriend are officially into Ausini's Farm series of brick toy kits.

We bought our second set today because it was a:


Who can resist 4 pigs, a dog and a cow that are all compatible with Lego.

(Apologies in advance since I only had my phone camera when building this)

First the box:

Wow Ausini actually has a branded seal for the box.  Nice.

Sprues for the tools!  Reminds me of my other hobby Gundams!  Nice set of tools here!

Stickers for the animals which I will most likely not use.

I like Ausini since their figs are almost Lego like!  Except for the weird expressions and the general color choice :)

Do It Yourself Cow!

The lego like minifigs!

I get to build the cow!  Just like I had to build the horse in the first farm set!

With the cows and the pigs!  One pig is a different color!

Well she sure is enjoying herself!

A black dog and the tools in a barrel.

The pig shed partly done.

Unfortunately the wheel barrow is not the Lego wheel barrow

Carrots all around!

The pig pen is done!

Now for the carrot planter box!

Nice farm!

The cow over the fence!

The full pig pen!

Let;s herd them!

The carrot planter box. Nice!

A little parkour action into the pen.

OVerall it was a fun set to build as my girlfriend will attest to!  I like all the animal inclusions as well as the accesories in the box.

Great buy at 349 pesos