Saturday, July 27, 2013

Review: Lego Captain America's Avenging Cycle #6865

I really waited a long time to get this set.  It was available at Hobbes and Landes and various stores in the metro but I found the price a bit steep for Cap and two Chitauri warriors. At 1,500 pesos I said no.

Good thing a friend had an extra box and sold it for 900 pesos.  Good enough for me.

The main thing that drew me to this set, aside from Cap, was the bike.  On the box cover it already looks so cool!

Captain America telling me BUY ME! BUY ME!

Okay Captain I'll buy your box.  Notwithstanding the 2 Chitauri which really doesn't excite me in anyway.

That bike piece looks really nice!

Hmmmm... I can't wait to build that bike...

A guest appearance from my Sluban mechanic...checking out the bike for Cap.

The Sluban crane set I recently acquired fits perfectly here!  HaHa!

The parts are already out! Yes!
This set actually has a couple of specialized pieces that can be useful in future builds.  Those yellow brown pieces can double as wicked blades for one.  Nice!

The minifigs. Cap and the Chitauris

Go Captain!  Take down those aliens!

Nice rubber wheels!
I always love the Lego rubber wheels.

FUN FACT:  Lego is one of the biggest manufacturers of rubber wheels.

Bike and Chitauri sky chariot almost done!

Avengers Assemble!


Time to bash this alien chariot!
Cap stalking the Chitauri!

You have one cool bike there Earthling!

In the end the long wait for this set was worth it.  Cap is a nice addition to all the other Lego superheroes in my collection.  Getting it near the US SRP of 12 US Dollars was sweet.  Thanks KC!

If you like superheroes and The Avengers and Cap get this set!