Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: Star Diamond Series Building Electric Crane #80605

Finally I get around to getting a Star Diamond set again.  Even though it's a small one its been a long time since  I procured a Star Diamond kit.

Star Diamond is still the second best brick toy out there after Lego if you ask me.  It has top notch brick quality and is the best among the China brick toys.   

This model is pretty small with 1 minifigure but it was fun to build.  Besides it was a free toss in among a bunch of Lego I procured from a friend over the weekend.

Nice a construction guy!

The flimsy manual!

The bricks on my bed

The minifigure has to be assembled.  He is in pieces right now!

Well that wasn't so hard to build

Nice expression on the fig.
 I like the screw driver that came with the minifigure.  Awesome.

Nice articulation on the crane.  Just like Lego the arm locks into position and you can hear an audible click when you lock the arm.

Be sure to look for more Star Diamond sir!

Yep I must find more Star Diamond sets in the future!