Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: Lego Creator Set #31003

So I got this a couple of weeks ago for my girlfriend (who gravitates more towards Creator sets than the Friends line, because as she puts it there are more parts).  And we both completely forgot about it.

What's in the bag sir???
OH darn completely forgot about this!

Hello there Creator #31003

Me and my girlfriend like the Creator boxes because they come with 3 different models to build.  And once you build all three they contain enough bricks to create a couple more models.

I personally like them because they also come with a good mix of bricks for both the beginning builder and the advanced Lego person.

Notice the three sets of instructions below.  And that gorgeous pile of red hued bricks.

Ah which one to build first!?! Always a question with Creator sets.
Let's get a couple of guest to decide:

Well looks like Admiral Ackbar and Deadpool wants the airplane built.  I can't fault them since the plane is actually compatible with Lego minifigs.  Notice the cockpit that can sit 1 figure.  Guess Ackbar and Pool can punch it out as to who gets to fly it first.

Let's check out some of the techniques that this set teaches us shall we Deadpool:

Notice the use of the Technic piece to create a centered position from which we can connect the propeller too.  Also take note of the use of pieces normally used as mounting points for rotors.  Observe how orientation of bricks can be changed through the effective use of certain pieces.

And the one thing that Lego modelers must always keep in mind the creation of stable models and bricks that support each other to make the complete model stronger.  Note the yellow bricks on the wing that helps create a stronger structure.  Ackbar looks happy with his cockpit.

All they need now is the propeller!

There you go!  Complete!

Time to take it for a spin Ackbar!

It's a trap!!!!!

Hey its my turn now Admiral!

A visit from the Sluban aviation series Express Truck

It fits right in with the Sluban Aviation series Express Delivery truck I had lying around!

Creator sets are always a great buy!