Monday, March 20, 2017

MOC: Athena's Own

Wow it's been a long time since my last update here.

2016 and 2017 have been busy in terms of my personal and work life.  I've only been able to make MOCs intermittently.

Here's a mecha I was able to complete.


Athena's Weapons:

Athena's Final Form

Athena in action

I'll come back and flesh out the back story on this one

Sunday, February 7, 2016

MOC: LFA-00X Azul "Patches" Mecha

As I write this it's currently Chinese New Year!

And one way to usher in the new Lunar year is to post my first major MOC for 2016:  The LFA-00X Azul, unit designate "Patches".

Azul was a name given by my girlfriend because of the mostly blue toned bricks in the build.  Patches is the nickname for the unit given by the pilot in the back story.

Patches is my first major MOC for 2016 and also my first serious mecha in a long  time.

The inner frame design was mostly inspire by this page:

Here's LFA-00X Azul:

Some details about the build:
This also marks my re-use of T-bars for my joints as recently I've preferred the easier mixel joints for constructing my robots.

 Here are more shots of Patches:

I do hope you all enjoyed this build!

Until next time Leg Godt!

Monday, January 18, 2016

MOC: Mixing Mixels Klinkers Jinky (41537) and Kamzo (41538)

Some short intro...

When I first saw Mixels come out I had a gleam in my eye.  The Mixels represented something similar to the Chima Legend Beasts in my Moccer's Heart.  They were a good source of parts that you can get in a particular range of colors.

I've gone through boxes of the Legend Beasts particularly the White Wolf and the Gorilla.  They provided me with a good source of parts especially for robot joints and greebling.

Mixels are no different albeit they provide smaller doses of parts. 

One of my favorite mixels to come out are the Klinkers from Series 5.  The Klinkers come out of the box with steampunk colors so they definitely fit into a lot of the themes that I build up.

For parts of 2015 I was away in Laguna stuck only with the parts from Jinky (#41537) and Kamzo (#41538).

The Mocs...

This was the latest result of mixing up the parts from Jinky and Kamzo:

This was purely from parts of the two Mixels.  There were still a few bricks left over but I'll just probably make another piece in  a few weeks :)

From a previous weekend here was the output:

This one had a few extra its added to it particularly the tale piece on the head of the bot as well as the slopes on the feet.

Some final words...

If you've ever wanted to MOC but were afraid to try or thought that you don't have enough brick this is one of my biggest tips:  Go get a set and see what you can build that's not in the instructions booklet!

When I was younger the Lego boxes always had pictures of alternate builds.  Too bad they stopped doing it.

So which of the two MOCs did you like better?

Until next time!  Leg Godt!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 in Review: It was an awesome year for this AFOL!

As 2015 draws to a close let's all take a look at some of the MOCs I produced in 2015:


 2015 was huge for me as an Adult Fan of Lego (AFOL):

1.  My home Lego User Group (LUG) PhLUG had its 1st major exhibit - Brickxhibit 2015 over at Resorts World Manila.

2. I was picked by Lego to do a 6 months stint as a curator for Rebrick. ReBrick is a social bookmarking platform where adult users can share, organize and discuss user-created LEGO content.The content on ReBrick is not LEGO sets you can buy in a shop, but creations made by teenage and adult builders, who use their creativity to build their own models called MOCs (My Own Creation).

3. I was picked to be Rebricker of the Week in November over at  Rebrick.


4. I was able to exhibit at the office for the yearly Toy club exhibit.

Blog activity tapered off in the 4th quarter of 2015 as I was swamped with work.  Hopefully I can write more articles in 2016.

Happy New Year everyone!  Thanks for joining me in my Lego journey!  May everyone have a blessed 2016!  Keep on building!

Until then Leg Godt!

Friday, November 6, 2015

I got Rebricked!

What is Rebrick?

Rebrick is an official Lego website found in 

ReBrick is a social bookmarking platform where adult users can share, organize and discuss user-created LEGO content.The content on ReBrick is not LEGO sets you can buy in a shop, but creations made by teenage and adult builders, who use their creativity to build their own models called MOCs (My Own Creation).
It is not possible to upload content to the ReBrick. Instead, users can bookmark videos and images from other sites on the web, such as Flickr, YouTube, MOCpages, Brickshelf and similar sites.

Its already awesome to be able to build and play with Lego but it adds an extra dash of awesome when an official Lego site features you. 

So I got featured on Rebrick!

Yay me

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy 68th Monthsary Hon!

And how does an AFOL show his love for his girl with a MOC of course

Happy 68 months of being together hon Apple!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review: LEGO City 60065 ATV Patrol


Don't we all just love surprises?  Well surprise surprise work actually took a big chunk of my time and I looked and I saw that my last post was in April.  Shame on me.  Sorry fans for neglecting the blog for so long.  Well I'm back with a small blog entry.

Oh my honey sure does know how to get straight to the heart of an AFOL.  I woke up the other day and as I was about to prepare breakfast I saw this on the dining table:

My heart leaped!
 If you live in anywhere in Metro Manila in the Philippines and you are an AFOL then you are familiar with Hobbes and Landes.  That's the bricks-and-mortars store of LAJ the official Lego distributor in the Philippines.  It seems my girl had a surprise for me.

I quickly opened the paper bag and found a love letter and 60065 inside:

Awesome!   Surprise Lego from my sweetheart
This was gonna be a great day!

Let's Build it!
I had work that day so I found some free time near the end of the work day to build this 59-piece set.

There was a time when the reverse of the box showed alternate builds.  Not anymore.

A nice little bunch of Lego stuff.

The parts and minifigs

My girlfriend who I am slowly turning into an AFOL herself picked this set because she said the pieces would come in handy for my MOCs.  That was a great reason to get the set. I shall make an AFOL of her yet!

And indeed the set had nice little pieces that can prove useful in future builds like the money tiles and the printed Police cheese slope.  There were also a lot of clips that can be used for robots and spaceships as well as the sought after tree leaves.
A profusion of great pieces including dollar bills and a backpack
The minifigs were one policeman and one bad guy.  The bad guy seems to follow a City template and I've had a few of those already.  The torso of the bad guy had a fang necklace though to  differentiate it with my other City bad guys.

The cop had the nice new mold for the ball cap.  And the nice beige torso that can be used for other minifig themes.

The Tree

The first portion to be built was the tree were the bad guy would be able to hide his back pack full of cash.  Nice and straightforward build for this one.  The brown pieces will prove useful in future builds.  The tree leaf is always welcome.


For some reason the ATV build seems to be something I've seen before.  When I have time I have to look for an older set that looks familiar to this one. The pieces that make up the ATV are useful for other car builds.  As well as robots and spaceships.
The Police cheese piece is printed and not a sticker!  YAY!

The completed build

It's a nice simple build.  And the figs are awesome and useful for other MOCs.  Thanks hon for this little set!  I enjoyed building it!

 And as usual at the end of a set build I look forward to the extra pieces available.  This one was well worth it   With the extra handcuffs and trans pieces.
Woohoo extra handcuffs!
 More pictures
Get that snake out of here!

Seriously get that snake out of here!
Woof its good to be back!

Until next time!  Leg Godt!