Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Lego The Lego Movie Melting Room 70801

The Lego Movie is right around the corner and every kid and Lego fan in the world is giddy with excitement!

And with an awesome toy franchise like Lego coming out with a movie of course there would be a mountain load of toys and other cross promotional tie ups in the works.

Google and Lego for example have teamed up to let you build Lego models within the Chrome web browser:

The article regarding this is here:

The Philippine's own Lego club, the Philippine Lego User Group (PhLUG) is sponsoring a Lego movie screening at Robinson's Galleria on February 8 for it's members.  On the way to the film showing various Lego Movie sets will be reviewed by various members.

I was lucky enough to get on the list and I now present my review of The Melting Room!

Thanks to the Lego CEE team for sending a bunch of the Lego Movie sets to PhLUG for review.

And thanks to PhLUG for the opportunity to review this set :)  Everything's Awesome!

What is this?!?!

Let's open that box up Mr. PhLUG!


The box itself presents what I presume to be a pivotal scene in the movie itself.  Since I'm a big fan of minifigures it's exciting to see that The Melting Room contains 2 of the movie's main figures: the hero Emmet and his love interest Wyldstyle.  We also get one generic baddie here in the Robo SWAT minifig.

Yup set no. 70801 Melting Room.  A pretty functional title to a set.

The back of the box highlights some of the things that this set has and what gimmicks it contains.  Handcuffs, an axe, an evil laser device, NICE!

I like how they put a summary of the figs on the box itself.

Ok that's decided.  My girlfriend Apple will be building this then... 


We have 3 separate bags of bricks in this package, the manual and a hexagonal plate.

The parts all gathered together.  Wyldstyle's hoodie is in it's own sealed plastic bag.  It's soft and rubbery unlike the normal hard plastic head pieces.



We of course have Emmet, the chosen one.  The hero of the Lego Movie.

Emmet's figs all have two faces printed on it.  Here's his "scared face."

Emmet also has a backpack like thingy.  Rocket? Bag? Random brick?  We shall see when we all finally get to watch The Lego Movie.

Emmet afraid!

Here's Emmet's determined face.


The main heroine of the Lego Movie.  She also has two faces printed on her.  And this is the set where you get Wyldstyle with her hoodie!

Yeah get this set if you want Wyldstyle with her hoodie!


The baddie in this set. I like his awesome ball cap. His gun looks like it came from a paintball competition though.

Ah that Robo face is also awesome! 

The three figs side by side!

Emmet surprised/afraid!

Emmet determined!  Alternate face for Wyldstyle!

Come back here Emmet!



I'm sorry hon but I am building this one!
Well ok!  I'll help Apple build this one ahaha!

A is for Apple

At this point my girlfriend was already exclaiming how awesome the set was!  The A looking part in the picture added points to that succinct review.  For some reason the Blue background with yellow border of the manual doesn't appeal to me though.

Ah that satisfying sound when Lego bricks snap together!

Come back and finish this Emmet!

I really like that A like piece...

This mechanism forms part of the lab bed where Emmet will be tied up.

Did I mention that I really like the cap of Robo SWAT?  For some reason I really dig it's shape and how it turned out.  I'll probably have most of my minifigs wear it at some point.

I also like this special wheel piece with the thin rubber tire that eventually becomes part of the evil melter/laser ray thing on the set.

I also want more of this brick.

Nothing like Lego and coffee to cap the night!

The intense concentration! Go hon!


Even when its barely done it's fun to think of the various ways to put Emmet through the torture chamber! The lab bed gives lots of photo shoot options for Emmet especially with his scared face.

The detailing is great as is usual with Lego.  The addition of bricks printed with dials and gauges makes the set come alive and make you believe that it's an actual evil villain's torture chamber or in this case Melting Room!  Also CHAINS!

Wyldstyle to the rescue!

If you look closely at the side rails of the laser/melter it's the piece used for carriage normally!

I do so love printed dials and gauges!  They give the scene an added level of detail that sells it completely to the audience!

That laser/melter reminds me of so many Bond movies and Power Puff Girls!

Ahhhhh!  Don't MELT ME!
We have a happy camper here! 
One last look!
A lot of times I am excited by what extra bricks a set might give me!

Let's have Mr. PhLUG try out the accommodations!

Hmmm this seems like a nice fit!

I don't know what that guy in orange is screaming about!?!?!  This is comfortable!

In conclusion:

This little set is in the words of Emmet: AWESOME!

Apple think's that it's one of the best sets she has built.

I personally love the gimmicks that were included in the set.

Remove the Lego Movie minifigs and this set is ripe for use with a lot of the other Lego lines like Superheroes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and even City!

I love the accessories that were included.  Even if I already have most of them you can never go wrong with more handcuffs!

And that melter ray!  It will see a lot of use in the future in a lot of evil scientist MOCs and dioramas.

If you like to create your own Lego stuff then the smaller parts here like the printed dials and gauges as well as that wheel thing on the melter can go into a lot of creative builds.

It's a fine small set and remember this is set where you get Wyldstyle wearing her hoodie!

My girlfriend Apple gives it a two thumbs up (and is asking me if we will build bigger Lego Movie sets - OH NO!).

I myself give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks again to Lego for providing the set for review and to PhLUG for the opportunity to review the Melting Room.  

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