Monday, January 20, 2014

Event: Philippine Lego User Group (PhLUG) Start of the Year Brick-Fast Meet!

It's that time of the month again!  It's time to meet up with fellow Lego addicts!

The December brickfast was a good one for me as I won a Lego Kingdoms Chess Set during the meet.

January Brick-fast!!!!

I like this slogan!  Building a Community One Brick at a Time!  It's ripe for a partnership with Gawad Kalinga! :)

I will stand by my statement that PhLUG is one of the most pleasant hobby communities I have ever had the fortune to join in.  A lot of time the hobby groups I've been in would cater to a certain clique.  But everytime I join a brickfast I am plesantly surprised at the families that take part in the activity.

This January brings more excitement as I am taking my girlfriend Apple to her first brickfast!  I've also managed to convince some other friends to take a gander into the wonderful world of Lego addicts.

Apple approves of this slogan!

Happy to be brick-crazy!

And off to meet friends!  (Agh Kat, Ann, Icy why don't we have pictures??? )

Look its Captain Richard taking time off from stage productions and Watch reviews!

Carlo Abon in the house!

Oh yeah people selling, buying and generally going crazy at the Brick marketplace!

Where are the bricks???
And buy loose Lego!
Pinoy style brick selling!  Thanks Bricks Coffee for all the 30 pesos packs! :)

Not only did Apple and I have matching Lego KISS shirts that day we also had matching Lego backpacks!

And like I said brickfasts are usually family affairs!  So its not just a case of it's dad's hobby or it's mom's hobby... It's every family member's hobby!

That backpack is similar to my GF's lego backpack! :p

A family that plays Lego together is a fun family!

I tried to give myself a budget of 1000 pesos for this meet.  Christmas just finished and my wallet is still near death!  I passed it somewhat since I picked up an Allen Iverson fig for my brother.

Allen Iverson and Steve Francis in Lego form!  AWESOME!

This time around I just got a few loose Lego parts for future builds.

I need more tree components!

The Awesome Exhibit!

What's a brickfast without the amazing creations of PhLUG members!

In this meet up there were 3 main displays:  The collaborative Castle MOC,  The robots and spaceships, and the modular buildings theme.

Modular Buildings


Damn these builders are good!

Awesome Dragon mecha!

Master Carlo again! :)

My apologies for not getting the names of the builders!  You guys are awesome and someday I hope to have my own MOCs right alongside your robots!

The Collaborative Castle Build

Unlike the mecha which were done individually and displayed as a group the Castle portion of the exhibit was a collaborative group build.  It was a spectacle to behold in person and my photos hardly do any justice to the hard work that the people put in!

YEah my girlfriend was extremely amazed by the Castles displayed here!

The details were tremendous!  This was the back of one of the castles!

I'm a big fan of constructed trees and the trees here are just wonderful!


I want my own dragon!

That exhibit was epic! And made the day doubly remarkable!

In the end.

We came out of Jollibee Green Meadows feeling awesome!  My wallet was a bit lighter as I overshot my budget of 1000 pesos and ended up spending around 1500.  But then it was Lego.  I promise to save up for those amazingly detailed guns from Manila Brick.

Best ever:  Apple is happy going to these brickfasts!

Yeah Richard never really left that table selling loose lego parts!

So until the next PhLUG meet!  Keep on building!