Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Review: LEGO 853373-1: LEGO Kingdoms Chess Set

So let this be my first real post for 2014.

The Lego Kingdom Chess Set!

Awesome!  I won this in the PhLUG raffle from the last Brick-fast!

Right off the bat it had a free base plate!  AWESOME!  I thought at first that the castle-like tray holder was already the winner here!  But yes a bonus base plate!

 ohhhh!  All those silver armor pieces!

You even have to assemble the board!

So many black and white 4x4 plates!

And of course the awesome array of minifigs!

Green Dragon Kingdom???

I built only parts of the set as my girlfriend Apple and her niece AJ wanted in on the action!

Yes despite what it looks they are helping me build! :)

Ah I couldn't wait to stand up some of the completed minifigs

Yep AJ is having fun!

Enjoying building the queen hon? :)

And here's the Silver pieces all done and ready!
The silver kingdom ready for action!

And now the Green Dragon Kingdom.  All armed and primed for battle with their Wizard king and witch queen!

I  love the awesome golden crown on the head of the Silver king!  And the cute crown on the Silver Queen!

And one final pic!  Hon and the completed chessboard!

Thanks Philippine Lego User Group (PhLUG)!  Again it was the first time I was attending one of their meet-ups or Brick-fasts (Bricks during Breakfast) and I was fortunate enough to win this in the raffle.

Thanks to Carlo Abon and Citizen Piper for informing me about it and facilitating the delivery of the chess set.

It was one awesome Lego set just in time for Christmas!