Sunday, July 14, 2013

Review: Ausini Farm Series No. 28406

So I was at The Landmark in Makati and it was delivery day for a bunch of new brick toys.  One of them caught my eye because there was this huge chicken/turkey part on the box image.  So it took me a split second to decide and get one.  At the very least I would have some nice Lego compatible fruit pieces.

So my girlfriend Apple gladly volunteered to assemble the kit as I happily took pictures of the whole process.

Opening the box:

There were about 147 pieces of  bricks according to the box.  They came in mostly shades of brown with the fruit pieces in more pastel colors.

As usual the manual didn't seem to have all the instructions

Checkin out the pieces

And there it is the Chicken piece hat convinced me to buy

I think I've been building too many Sluban toys lately as the figures of the Ausini set filled us with great satisfaction.  The minifigs were almost Lego like.   The only thing messing up the illusion was the funky expressions on the figs' faces.

Yep this convinced me to buy the set

The included food pieces were awesome and seemed pretty close to the real LEgo ones:

And this is the first time I saw a horse that needed assembly!  Normally in LEgo kits the horse  pieces are already prebuilt.

Intense building!

Oh this is shaping up to be a real nice looking set if I do say so myself.  Look at that plated turkey/chicken monster!  And the bushels of food stuff beside it!

Almost done now!  The horse is assembled and so is the cart!  At this point in time the cart looked eerily like the cart from my Lego LOTR Gandalf set.  The price disparity of course was big between my LOTR cart and this one.

And here is the completed set!   A nice little scene if you ask me!

And all of these for 179 pesos.

This is an awesome kit and has enough little details to make the scene come alive.

I'll be getting more of the Ausini Farm series it seems.