Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review: Lego Creator 3-in-1 Set # 31013

It feels like eternity since I last posted here.  A lot of personal stuff happened.  Well I'm back.

I'll jump in quickly and review this fine small creator box that my awesome girlfriend gave me:

As with any set under the Creator line of Lego this comes with instructions for 3 different models.  I've always been fond of Creator sets that include flying vehicles and this one had two (technically three since hovercrafts also fly in their own manner).

I was going to get it anyway but my awesome gf decided to get it for me!  Thanks hon!

As seen from the picture it's 399 pesos at Hobbes & Landes.  Because I have a Team Hobbes card and we paid in cash we got an 8% discount.

Let's get straight into the action and build this thing:

Inside were two polybags of parts and the requisite instructions.

First up is my favorite build out of the 3 in the instructions the Helicopter.

The helicopter looks like one of those sturdy transport choppers that can do heavy lifitng.

The only thing missing is the landing wheels for this model.  But aside from that it's a beautiful rendition of a helicopter.

Next up is the Plane

Similar to the helicopter the plane is missing the landing gears as the kit generally does not have wheels included.

But the plane is a nice prop driven model.  The strange thing for me is the asymmetrical lights.  One side is green and another is red.  The continuous use of the cup parts as engine parts is a nice touch.

My least favorite model was built last: the Hovercraft

I have the bigger Lego Creator set 31003 which also features coincidentally a helicopter, plane and hovercraft.  And I loved the execution of the hovercraft there.  It has to be said though that 31003 was a much bigger box with much more parts than 31013.

The hovercraft here felt bland and seems to lack details in my own humble opinion.

So at the end of it all I decided to see if I can come up with a robot from all the parts of this particular box.

Here's what I came up with:

This Creator set did not disappoint.  It provided an ample array of bricks that enable a builder to come up with various models.

Thanks hon for giving me this new Lego set.

Everything is awesome!

footnote: I didn't want to start the article with this note.  But this is the first article I've written since my mom died on March 19.  Her gift of Lego when I was 3 years old started my  love affair with the world famous brick toy.  May you rest in peace mom and thanks for introducing me to Lego.