Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Lego Minifigs Series 10

Finally after months of waiting its finally here!

One of the my most awaited Lego item every time its new, the Lego minifigures collection.  This is 10th in the series.  Ever since Series 8 I've always talked to our friendly neighborhood Lego distributor to just peg me down for a complete set every time there is one.

Series 10 does not disappoint!  It even comes with a sweet sweet Grandfather minifig.  Unfortunately I was not able to obtain the 17th figure Mr. Gold:

Now to the actual figures I did get:

My favorite in this set is Grandpa!  Nice detailing on his balding head.  One of my favorites is the Trendsetter girl who has an iPhone and a chiuahua and the motorcycle mechanic who looks like he stepped out of the american TV show Sons of Anarchy.

My girlfriend's personal favorite is the Honey Bee girl.  It may just be the cutest in the set.  I can't wait to use this for Wolverine. hahahaha.

Medusa is a nice touch and I now have a base to create Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Trendsetter and Motorcycle Mechanic together!

Gramps with a solo!

Three figures that I like from this set

Another favorite of mine the Sad Clown.

Musket guy, Fielder and the Roman General.

One more look at our Son of anarchy!

The Paintball guy!

Last of the Mohicans vibe here!

The Trendsetter up close!

Another one of my girlfriend's favorites:  the Librarian!

The whole gang!

The librarian up close!

If I didn't have a Wonder Woman minifig this would be a close call to be one!

Gramps and the Bee!

A FANTASY wedding? hahaha.

Have fun and do the YMCA!

Sad Clown in a really scary chat!

The whole gang!