Monday, February 3, 2014

Review: Enlighten 1207 Girls Series Micro Plane

I love my girlfriend!  She decided to surprise with a box from Enlighten!

I love the Enlighten Girls series as it presents Girls in awesome situations albeit sometimes in weird motifs.

This one is apparently a pilot as shown on the box:

Strangely she seems to be wearing a grass top.

The parts come in one sealed plastic bag:

And we get a nice selection of red plane pieces and the minifig itself.  Again it seems the minifig is in a bikini.  Doesn't it get cold while flying?

The wheels are awesome with nice quality rubber.  I'm a sucker for brick toy manufacturers that use rubber wheels on their kits.  It lends an air of quality and class.  Enlighten is one of the bunch that is high on the list in terms of quality.

And here we have our adventurous lady pilot. Cute minifig.  The feel is almost Lego-like.  I still find her costume a bit strange though.

The plane itself wasn't a tough build so here it is with the lady pilot.

A fun set to build.  After looking at it I still wonder how cold it gets up in the clouds.  Apparently her white gloved hands help keep her warm.

Thanks hon for this set!  I think I'll look for the other items in this line.