Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review: 9489 Endor™ Rebel Trooper™ & Imperial Trooper™ Battle Pack

Here's to my regular dose of Classic Star Wars in Lego form.

This is another battle pack in a line that has proven to be popular with Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL).  Star Wars battle packs are one of the easiest ways to grow your army, whether its the Rebel or Empire side. 

This battle pack is one of my favorites since it is set on the forest planet of Endor, home of the Ewoks (unfortunately no Ewoks in the pack :) ).

This is what's inside the box:

Extra tree pieces are always welcome!

A hearty serving of forest colors in the box.  I always love getting extra parts for making trees and more trees.

This battle pack also give us ONE SPEEDER BIKE!  Those are always awesomea and I never get tired of them.

We also have two storm troopers as wells a two Rebel infantry men in Endor forest colors.

Time to build this.  The parts selection also gives me a good assortment for other builds.


My girlfriend Apple has told me she will be the one building the battle pack!  Ohhh kkkaayyy!  Time to focus on shooting photos of the event. :)

The Tree

I've already mentioned I was  sucker for tree constructions and this set's tree was awesome since it also contains a rebel ambush site.  The extra bricks of brown and green will go towards future MOCs that need trees.

The finished set:

Not a hard set to build and putting it all together gives you this:

Come on guys quit fooling around with the missile!

Rebel trooper awaiting orders.

Okay you fellas forced me to get my bike!

The Speeder Bike!

Is it my turn to ride the bike?

Overall a nice battlepack.  The tree pieces and the speeder bike can contribute to bigger Star Wars builds or to other Lego MOCs.  The 4 figures definitely go into any Star Wars army you plan to gather.
If you have a chance get this battle pack.

Thanks hon Apple for building it! :)