Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review: LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man vs. The Mandarin Ultimate Showdown (76008)

I've been looking to get an Iron Man minifig since I passed up on the initial sets that contained Tony Stark's superhero persona.  It's a good thing that Iron Man 3 came along and with it the toys and merchandise.

So it was with great delight that I procured one of the smaller sets which had Iron Man and the Mandarin!  Yes!

Well as with most Lego toys sold through the official distributors here in Manila the set comes in at a pricey Php 1,499.75 that's about US$ 35 at current exchange rates.  On Amazon this set is listed at US$ 12.99 and sometimes goes on sale for less than that.

So I pay through the roof for this small set (and that's why I passed up on the bigger Marvel sets.).

Let's go check out the minifigs:

The Mandarin:

Santa has the same beard!

I will get you wit my freeze ray! 

The Mandarin comes in a military style suit and carries a Sci-Fi type pistol.  He gets the same beard that Santa Claus and Gandalf minifigs get (or was that Gimli's beard).   Not bad at all but not outstanding.  The gun is the same as a lot of minifigs in the Superhero line including Deadpool and some aliens in Lego's own minifig series.

Iron Man:

Tony Stark is almost the same minifig from previous sets.  The biggest difference being the Mark 42 armor stylings on the minifig's body.  It still uses the old gimmick of transparent bricks to represent the repulsor effect.

Repulsors in blue!

Well ain't you the handsome goateed feller?!?!

Iron Man's helmet opens up so you can see Tony Stark's handsome mug :)

Ready for Action!

The set comes with a vehicle piloted by the Mandarin.  It's a bit on the weird side as it is supposed to represent some sci-fi attack vehicle:

Wanna go for a ride miss?!?!

Great rotating scientific weapons platform with flaming effect!

Fire breathing dragon?

With the proper angle that there looks like a fire breathing bug!

Rotate please!

A view from the front.  Nice hose there lol

Next time focus!

Overall tis was a nice set.  The price tag I paid was a bit stiff but hey I wanted an Iron Man minifig.  And getting the Mandarin in the process wasn't so bad