Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Free Lego is always awesome!

I woke up and this was on the dining table.  Apparently my awesome girlfriend got it for me as an anniversary gift!  YESSS!

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I was targeting the Crocodile legend beast for last as I had the perception that it would be the least complicated of the whole set.  From the box picture it also looked the least impressive among the 5 available Legend Beasts.  Boy was I wrong!

From the Lego's official description:

The other Legend Beasts have been trapped in the Outlands. Rush to their rescue with Cragger, clamber onto the back of the magical Crocodile Legend Beast and fight for victory. Fend off tribal opponents with the shield and CHI-powered Royal Vengious sword. Includes Cragger minifigure with a weapon and accessory.

The Box

From the box art, as I said, this was the least impressive of the five available beasts.  No expansive wings to spread out or graceful hind legs to stretch or powerful arms to swing.  It had four stumpy legs and a mouthful of teeth.

Whoops kinda messed up this pic and I'm too lazy right now to rotate it somewhere else haha.  It just shows the back of the box.  Despite the inflated prices in official Lego outlets in Metro Manila,  I still find the Legend Beasts worth it from a price perspective.  At 699 pesos you get a ton of parts useful for other builds and if you only build the model that comes with the box well they are awesome already.

What's inside

You get two polybags of parts, an instruction manual and a sticker sheet!

Opening the box I was actually excited about getting a lot of the drab olive colored bricks from this box.

The sticker sheet provides highlights for some of the parts of the croc.

The manual is your standard Lego instruction book with a blurb at the back for other Chima sets making you want to buy more!

Below are the parts out of their polybags.

Again I am giddy about all the green bricks I get from the croc.

The Minifig

Like other Legend Beast boxes it comes with one Chima minifig.  We get Cragger with this set.

Here's his official Lego write-up:

After a failed attempt at seizing control of Chima’s CHI, Cragger is now once again friends with Laval. They have teamed up to save the CHI from an enemy from the Outlands, but all is not going smoothly. Cragger has to work hard to regain the trust of his old friend, while at the same time searching for his missing father, King Crominus. Cragger hopes that, when this adventure is over, the past will be forgotten and he and Laval can be buddies, just like in the old days.

Here's Cragger without his "helmet".  Looks really ominous here.

And here he is fully kitted out with an energy shield and the Royal Vengious sword.

Building the Croc:

The first surprise for me was finding out the croc's body was split into two parts: the head and the torso itself.

It wasn't also just one long piece but a hinge piece that will allow the body to twist sideways.  AWESOME!

The first thing that you are told to build is the head section.   It was also a pleasant surprise to find the lower mouth of the croc was a printed piece and not a sticker.

Here's the other half of the croc's body.

It's beginning to take shape now.

The four stubby legs are also ready at this point.

The tail is articulated too!  Nice!

Here's the upper part of the head.  I like those reptilian eye pieces. Each Legend Beast box comes with one extra eye piece.  I kinda wished Lego just put in an extra pair so I can use them in other builds.  But the one extra is fine enough.

And the croc is complete!

Only the stickers remain to be applied.

Here's the Legend Beast Croc with stickers applied.  I was really wrong in my first assessment of this being the last set I would want from Legend Beasts.  After going through its build I now put this as one of my favorites with the Lion surprisingly now occupying the last spot out of the five beasts.

Cragger's new ride!

Here are the extra bricks in the box!  The white tooth and the dagger like piece will find a lot of use in other builds.

Here's the croc's profile!


Cragger's ready for battle!

Legend Beast Crocodile tries to take a bite of my girlfriend's finger.

Well that's it for this build.


Free Lego is always good!  Thanks hon for the gift!

I had my misgivings about the Crocodile Legend Beast.  It was low on my priority as far as this subset was concerned.  But after building the set I have turned around completely and now consider this as one of the best in the line.

Until next time!  Everything is awesome!