Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Lego Minifigs Series 11 Part 1

One of the Lego themes that people are fond of are the minifigs sets.  These are sets that concentrate on the little Lego people called minifigs.  When the minifig came out it was a generic template of semi-articulated figure with a yellow head, two eyes and a smile.

The minifig was first introduced in 1978 and has since gone an extensive evolution.  For a complete history of it's evolution you can look at this article on Gizmodo: Gizmodo's Evolution of the Lego Minifig.

The current Minifig special sets started coming out in 2010 with minifig series 1.  It is now up to minifig series 11.  Along the way of course there have been special sets with 3 or 4 figures (Read my review of the special rock band set The Lego Rock Band minifig collection and Series 10).  Similar to other small toy collections minifig sets were supposed to be bought individually and you get a random surprise each time.  

Well people love it so much that various techniques have arisen to remove the randomization from the process.  I started buying complete unopened sets with Series 8 as I had become friends with the staff of the local Lego store and when a box would arrive they would set aside a complete set for me.

Series 11 took me by surprise and I the staff at the store was also new.  This left me with no advance order for the set.  So it's partly frustrating and partly fun that I now have to track down the entire set individually.

So today I rushed to Hobbes & Landes Greenbelt 5 and was able to get 7 of the 16 figures in Series 11.  Good thing too!  H&L had an on-going 10% off sale on Lego until November 3.

Here's 4 of them:

No. 10 The Welder

Need to weld something?

The Welder offers a nice welding helmet.  Oh and look at that gruff look!

The welder with his helmet on.  Take note of the Acetylene tank!

The helmet is nice of course and the tiny Acetylene tank has a nice decal on it!  The torch attachment also provides a convincing resemblance to the real thing.

No. 15 The Constable

Ok so the constable was a fig I got from my holiday trip to BGC.  It was the only Series 11 packet left in the store and that tipped me off to the shipment of Series 11.  He has nice retro cop stylings.  The cop hat is great plus the truncheon he carries is a good throwback piece.

I am the law here!

The constable kinda reminds me of Batman's own Commissioner Gordon.

No. 11 The Chemist

The chemist reminds me of the fuel engineer from the exclusive Shell minifigs set.  Similar to the Shell female she also carries two chemical bottles with her.

No. 16 Female Wind-up Robot

OH Where is my robot love???

The female wind-up robot provides the perfect partner for the male wind-up robot from Series 6!
It has the same retro stylings as her male counterpart but instead of blue trimmings she has pink!  I truly dig the big wind-up know at her back.  That piece provides plenty of fuel for future projects like making a minifig  wind-up person!


Here's all four of them:

I'll continue the review once I get the other figures in.  Oh and for the sharp ones here you'll probably be pointing out that I only reviewed 4 figs when I mentioned I bought 7 today and 1 when I was in BGC.  That's a total of 8 figs you say, well I'll let my girlfriend build the other 4 so that review will be coming up.

Till then enjoy this one!