Friday, October 11, 2013

WIP: Star Diamond Blocks Soldier Deformation: 5-in-1 Robot set PART ONE

Okay so this huge Star Diamond box is lying around in my room and I haven't found time to actully work on the kits within.

Remember this was part of that haul chronicled in this blog entry: Recent pick-ups?

One of the purpose of this blog of course is to make people aware that there are good alternatives to Lego out there.  You just have to look around some and eventually you'll stumble on one.

(You can revisit my previous posts regarding this: Alternative brands to Lego and Where to get alternatives to Lego in Manila?)

Aside from my other hobbies like playing the bass guitar or building Gundam model kits, Lego and brick toys have always been a passion.  Putting together ROBOT BRICK TOY MODELS are pure heaven (see my Sluban Flamingo Transformable Spacecraft )  Gundam was becoming expensive and Lego was one of my first loves.

It's pretty awesome that so many kits are coming out now that are baed on robot/mecha designs (Too bad Hasbro's own Kre-O line has left me disappointed.)

Anyway the monster box you see below was worth all of 2000 pesos!!!!!  I put my Green Lantern Hal Jordan Lego and 1/144 HG Farsia on top of the box for size references.  Man it's a huge box.

Inside the box are actually parts to form 5 individual robots that are also sold in separate boxes.  You can think of this as some kind of collector's/completist box.

Below are the 5 individual robots included in the box together with their model numbers in Star Diamond's Block Soldiers Deformation series.

Here's the BIG BAD himself!  All 5 Bots reassembled as one huge Mecha!  Making this combined form robot number 6 that I can build from the instructions that come with the box.

BIG BAD Robot Number 6!

Remember how I said these are actually individual sets that Star Diamond eventually crammed into that MONSTER box?  Well when it first came out you can buy two and combine them to form a bigger bot.  Well Star Diamond included the instructions for combining two bots as well as acknowledging it in the reverse side of the box.

The three other robots that you can build (aside from the 6 on the front side of the box).

The Star Diamond logo.

The Blocks Soldier Deformation logo.

Yep the whole box totals to about 808 pieces.  Very nice!  A Lego set with the same brick count would most likely cost me an arm and a leg!

How far I got.
Since it was already about 1 am I got as far as opening 2 of the boxes!

The neatest thing was in the box.  Do you see that green bottle opener like thing?  That is a Lego part separator.  It's only available in bigger Lego sets and not all big sets would have it.  It's supposed to facilitate removal of stubborn bricks that you can't pull apart by hand.

I was overjoyed that this Star Diamond set comes with it.

The knock off Lego part separator

Apparently all the smaller boxes had one! DAMN!

So at this point in time I was too sleepy to start building.

This is definitely to be continued...stay tune folks for the next installment!