Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: Lego Minifigs Series 11 Part 2

Continuing with Minifig series 11 (Part One is here).

The Yeti

This bunch involves one of my favorite minifigs The Yeti!  The yeti looks like a cute white version of Chewbacca.  Plus the popsicle accessory just makes him all the more cuter.

Just look at that facial expression!

Hmmmm blueberry!

The EVIL Robot!

The evil robot goes well with other figs in the same theme.  They can actually form a group that can pass off as power rangers or other sentai teams.  I'm not impressed with the gun though as it uses a gun concept straight out of 1970s Lego space.  But the armor and the helmet are great touches.

The Barbarian

He's a pretty straightforward minifig.  Nothing in terms of gimmicks but he will fit perfectly in with other similarly themed figs.

Where is Rome?


The Mountain Climber

This minifig looks like he came straight out of Sylvester Stallone's movie Cliffhanger.

Very nice bright red colors and the rope and Pick Axe accessories are nice.  The safety helmet is also good looking.

This is my Sly Stallone impression!

All four of them together!

Group shot!

And one more shot guys!

I really like the yeti with the blue popsicle!