Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Ausini Race Car model no 26305

My girlfriend Apple got this Ausini model as a gift for her nephew BJ who really likes cars.

The car is predominantly red with a minifigure that has a strange expression on its face.

The brick quality felt a bit strange, like it was too glossy and smooth. On the other hand  I was impressed by the rubber wheels.  Sometimes when you buy alternative brick toys the wheels are plastic.  So I was pleasantly surprised that this had rubber wheels.  The model did combine a lot of Lego-like building techniques including the use bricks turned on its side and overlapping bricks for strength.

Well the model itself looked good after it got built:

From this angle the minifig bears a lot of similarities  to
Lego minifigs.

Looks good fromm here

Nice ride buddy!

The cockpit's size wasn't correct.  You had to stand the minifigure
to make it fit.

That is one of the stranger expressions I've seen from
a minifig

This model was obtained from The Landmark toy department in Ayala Center Makati.  It cost 149 pesos (or about 3 US dollars).