Monday, November 4, 2013

Event: Smart Collecti-Club Halloween Toy Exhibit

From October 29-31 I was asked to join a Toy Exhibit in our company.  This was part of the yearly halloween festivities done in the office and this year I had the time to actually bring some of my Lego collection.

I of course wanted to bring everything (which was of course impossible to bring and impossible to fit into two display shelves) so I eventually decided to concentrate mostly on my brick mecha pieces.

I tossed everything I wanted to bring into a plastic bin:

Ready for transport

so as fast forward to the office:
The ever-loyal girlfriend watching over the proceedings

Some other club members with their choice of toys!

Here I am trying to figure out which figs belong together:

The newly acquired Sluban tank

The Star Diamond Mecha brothers

Sluban Red Flamingo

Pirates and Rebels and Desert Gangs!

Some Chima action!

Deadpool's Helicopter!

she look's amused!

Fitting them all on the 2 display shelves that was allocated to me:

Add caption

The Kre-O Enterprise became an afterthought

Me with my brick toys!  Sharing the love to the public!

Some of the other displays at the exhibit:

Spotlight on The Flash, the fearless leader of Smart's Collecti-Club!

The Flash - leader of the Collecti Club
Club members doing final checks of their cases:


Tweety mania!

HOT Wheels!

Heroes Unite!

The big battle scene!

Halloween with the security guards!

Thanks for the opportunity Boss Glenmarc and Boss Aldous!

So my first toy exhibit was an awesome experience and I can't wait to show everyone my Lego and Brick toy kits!