Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: LEGO Exclusive Creator 40078 Hot Dog Stand & Minifig Series 11 #2 Scarecrow

Ah happy days!

My former students TJ, who is also into Lego gave me this as a birthday gift!


Thank you!

Ah my own hotdog stand!

Yep I love those Lego sets in a polybag!

Yay for Lego Set 40078

So while munching on dinner my girlfriend started building it!  (As is the case most of the time now, ever since I convinced my girlfriend to play with Lego, well she wants to build any set I get my hands on.. happy problem??? )

I see the hotdog!!!  And that blue bicycle!

So on the same day I got another great piece of brick news:  The shop called me to tell me they have 1 Scarecrow from Minifig Series 11.  This was the only fig I was missing from the set.  So of I went to the shop to pick it up!  good times!

So I finally got my Scarecrow and I can say that this is one of my favorites from this set (aside from the Yeti!)

OH Scarecrow!

Meanwhile here are the minifigs from 40078:

A chef and a bicycle lady!  With a blue bike!

And here's the Scarecrow!  I really like the Raven on his hat!

Here's the Scarecrow tending the Hotdog Stand!

The chef now tending the stand!

And now bicycle lady drives off with the scarecrow!

A close up of the stand with the compartments opened!

Yep it's a cute and really nice set!