Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Sluban Space R15 Patrol Craft

Ok time for a quick review.

Sluban, one of the many brick toy manufacturers from China has a line of "Space" kits.  The series includes everything from Space ships to transformable mecha.

You'll be seeing me get more of these kits.  I already have the transformable robot Red Spider in the pipeline.  But to get the ball rolling on the Sluban space series let's start of with a smaller kit:  The R-15 patrol craft.

At first glance I didn't notice it was a Space set.  I thought it was some cool looking speed boat.  Upon closer inspection I saw Space on the packaging and the techy stickers on the model.

Are you sure this is a space vehicle?

The price point is not shabby at  69.75 pesos.  That would mean about 500 pesos for a similarly sized Lego model.
Still looks like a speed boat to me hehe

Off to building it!

Here we have a good assortment of bricks.  The colors are good enough.  It has a sort of glossy paint to it.

The manual is sparse but details well how to finish the model.

Here are the bricks again.  A good pile.  The colors don't feel all that spacey to me.

The sticker sheet.  I wonder why it says fight.

Fight?  Fight who?

The minifig.  Lego-like until you hit below the waist :)

Fierce Expression!

Partially built patrol craft!

Some problems:

The plastic quality of most of the China brick toys are way off Lego quality standards.  The best of course in my opinion is Star Diamond brand.  One of the pieces in this Sluban set had excess plastic on the side
Tsk Tsk!

All done!

Overall not a bad looking set!  It still gives me the speedboat vibes though.

With the stickers applied.  Really nice looking set.

Cruising along the Pasig River heheh